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ONTD Sherlock Holmes
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Sherlock Holmes and All-Encompassing Awesomeness
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Welcome to ontd-deductions! A community for all things Sherlock Holmes related. This comm is to celebrate all the various Holmes adaptions and to have fun with fellow fans!

1. Join and be active!
2. No flaming or rudeness. There will be playing around and joking, but don't personally attack people.
If you're bothered and thinking someone's playing around goes too far, contact a mod.
3. Like we stated we will play around, we are full of the lulz and might bash certain things or make fun of stuff, don't take it too seriously.
4. We love gif's and sparkle texts especially in stan posts! Use it freely!
5. Posts are moderated. Lock them!

♦ Watchalongs!
♦ Stan posts!
♦ News!
♦ Whatever!

Contact that mods if you have any problems or issues, and most importantly have fun!

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